November 14-16, 2018


Conference of 



The Inaugural 



City of Albuquerque, New Mexico. USA


What are the Best Practices Awards for Mayors? 


The Best Practices Awards for Mayors are a yearly initiative by ACM  Institution to acknowledge best practices in municipality or cities work carried out by Mayors and their staff in benefit of their citizens and communities. The awards acknowledge outstanding mayors that, through their commitment to participating in government and community activities, have made a significant impact on the quality of their cities or municipalities. Each year nominations are sought under various categories:




Categories    Best Practices Nominations Topics


Category 1                Promotion of Excellence in Education

Category 2                Better Jobs and the Promotion of  Trained  Workforce

Category 3                Economic Development 

Category 4                Transportation and Communications Infrastructure

Category 5                Promotion of Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Category 6                Safe Schools and Childhood Obesity Policies

Category 7                Community Development and Housing

Category 8                Protection of Environment and  Sustainable Future

Category 9                Water Governance, Energy, and Climate Protection

Category 10              Protection of Human Rights, Social Justice, and Immigration



​​When and where will the Best Practices Awards for Mayors take place?



The Awards Ceremony takes place on November  14-16th, when the Conference of Mayors  2018 is scheduled. This 2018 the City of Albuquerque is the place chosen to host the Awards Ceremony.


Who can be nominated for the Best Practices Awards for Mayors?



All the Mayors from the Americas can be nominated if they are Members of the Americas Conference of Mayors Institution. 



How Much do I have to pay for nominating Mayors for the Best Practices Awards for Mayors?



It does not have any cost, it is free of cost to nominate Mayors, but the Mayor nominated must be a member or affiliated with the Americas Conference of Mayors Institution and the Mayors have already paid the Memberships dues before September 28th, 2018. Click here to see the Membership Due.



How do institutions nominate a Mayor?



Just institutions will be able to nominate  Mayors for "the Best Practices Awards for Mayors." You, as a representative of any of the following institutions, need to complete a nomination form in respect of your nominee, but every nominee will need to be nominated at least with three letters of support from the following 6 kinds of organizations: 1) Citizen's representatives and Civic Associations; 2) Professionals Associations; 3) Academic Associations or Institutions; 4) NonProfit Institutions; 5) Chambers of Commerce; 6) Entrepreneurs, or Corporations. The Evaluation Committee will not accept letters of support from political parties nor government agencies, neither other entities no referred above.


Mayors can be nominated for several categories but the organization nominator can nominate just for one category. It means that Mayors can be nominated for several categories for several institutions, but each institution just can nominate once.  



What will the winners receive?



At The Best Practices Award Ceremony, the Mayors receive two things: The Americas Conference of Mayors Diploma, and The Americas Conference of Mayors Medal.



Important Deadlines to Submit Mayor's

Awards Nominations



Call for Mayors Awards Nomination Release   September 1st



Nomination Proposal Submission Deadline     October 15-19 (No Extended Period)



Notification of Submission Acceptance            October  22


Awards Ceremony                                               November 14-16th


To nominate a mayor you must fulfill the following "Nomination Form" (file in PDF below). 

You will be able to submit your "Nomination Form" using any of the following options:


  1. Sending the "Nomination Form" to the following email:

  2. The easiest way is to attach or upload your "Nomination Form" in the white rectangle below named "Upload or Attach Your Nomination Form."


Please do not forget to name your PDF file with the name of the municipality or city of the nominated Mayor.

 Nomination Form

Click this PDF FILE ICON  to download the Nomination Form

to Submit Nomination Proposals

Attach or Upload Your Nomination Form in the White Rectangle Below. 

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